Unmatched experience and insight. Unparalleled scope of services.
HZ Capital is a regional leader in providing comprehensive investment banking services, from Asset Management and Brokerage to Corporate Financial Advisory. We serve a diverse array of local, regional, and international clientele, including major corporations, government entities, and high-net-worth individuals.
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Headquartered in Hong Kong, with a wide-reaching presence across the Globe, HZ Capital has been shaping and elevating the financial services sector since its establishment in 2015. The company’s roots, however, date back to 2014, when HZ Capital was initially founded.

Today, HZ Capital boasts a team of more than 40 experienced and highly specialized financial advisors and professionals.

With a proven track record of successful transactions and unrivalled insights across all major local, regional, and international markets, HZ Capital continues to deliver unique, innovative financial solutions across all lines of business.